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The Law of Trust was part of the received English law into Nigeria, which comprised of the Common Law, the doctrines of Equity and Statutes of General Application. Equity was developed by the Lord Chancellor in the Court of Chancery, the purpose of which was to mitigate the harshness of the common law. The development of the equitable principles by the Court of Chancery also influenced the growth of trust. Consequently, the received English law and caselaw has to a large extent shaped the development and practice of the law of trusts in Nigeria.

PED 122 – Primary English Curriculum Methods will teach you how to plan the curriculum for teaching the English Language Skills. It is a 2 credit unit course designed to expose you to some teaching skills that would help you improve your teaching techniques and thus produce students who can pass and use English language proficiently and effectively. It would put you in a position where you can answer questions about the role of English in Nigeria, the relationship between acquiring L1 and learning L2, reading problems, problematic areas of L2 learner at the spoken level and how to run an English Department. It will expose teacher trainees to grammatical structures, summary writing and essay writing. It also examines methods of evaluating English language, preparing for public examination and how to organise an English language department. In short, this course is designed to make you understand who to teach, what to teach, how to teach and evaluate learning and the various state of the art methods for teaching primary English. It will help you perform at the optimum in teaching English. I know you cannot wait to begin, so let’s go find out.

This course emphasises the concept of development, self-reliant education, civic rights and responsibilities, foundation of Social Studies, its philosophical background, and relationship with other disciplines. You are equally going to interact with some basic concepts which will provide you with a proper grounding for mastering the subject matter of Social Studies. Your successful completion of this course should prepare you better for the handling of curriculum content areas of any Social Studies programmed at the basic education level of the nation’s education system.

The course is designed to expose you to origin and development of Early Childhood Education

This is a 2-credit unit second semester course. It has three modules made up of 15 study units. The overall aim of the course is to expose you to the traditional practices involved in the upbringing of children by equipping you with the basic principles, characteristics, and techniques of educating children in traditional African societies. Upon completing this course you will be equipped with the basic knowledge of the goals, methods, and practices of childhood education in traditional African societies. In this learning journey, you will be taken through a series of activities including readings, reflections, forum discussions, individual tasks, collaborative group work, and assessments. This course is delivered online. This means you need access to a computer or a portable device such as an ipad, an android device or a smartphone and internet connection. Provision has been made for you to interact with the course content, your facilitator and your course mates through forums, chats, email and other forms of electronic communication.

Language and Literacy in the Early Years is a 2 credit unit course designed to expose you to how children learn the basic elements of language, that is, the sounds, meaning and grammar. It enables you to investigate how children use language skills to access information, use it effectively and develop a positive attitude to language and literacy. It examines some of the key theories of language acquisition. It engages with the ongoing debate about how children acquire language, begin to talk and communicate with people around them. The course confronts the following key questions:Is language innate or acquired? Are there ‘talking babies?’It is time to find out.

Oftentimes not all candidates who scored 200 in JAMB are given admission in the university even when 200 is taken as the pass mark. These candidates are left to their fate.  On the long run, some end up staying years at home without furthering their education while others completely miss out on attending higher education altogether, or are forced into another field as compromise.  There is also a call and yearning for adequate resources and facilities at the different levels of education in the nation.  To resolve these challenges, require adequate knowledge of statistics for educational planning and administration.  That is the main focus of this course.

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